organizes workshops to empower mothers and caregivers

In the context of the project launched in April aiming to empower (mothers and nannies), BWA through its “Unbounded Women” program organized the second training workshops for caregivers on 5th of May 2012.  The workshop aims to provide mothers and caregivers with the concepts and skills that enable them to teach kids the concepts of gender equality and rejection of all forms of gender-based discrimination.

Furthermore, BWA conducted the third training workshop related to “Participatory Leadership Skills” on May 19, empowering participants to believe that they can make a positive difference in their communities.

It is worth mentioning that the (mothers and caregivers) project aims to empower mothers and caregivers to understand the concepts and issues related to the “social role” and “socialization”, and to build leadership capacity that contributes in improving its community.

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