Ramadan Cultural Evening in BWA

Ramadan Cultural Evening in BWA

Bahrain Women Association for Human Development (BWA) conducted a distinctive cultural evening for its members, on Tuesday the 16th of July 2013.

BWA “Be-Free” Program presented a topic titled “Childhood Memories in Ramadan”, where members share memories of their childhood days with their parents during the Holy Month of Ramadan, and how these beautiful memories remained influential up until today and inspired them to strengthen positive bond between themselves and those around them.

To add flavour, the “Unbounded Women” Program presented a short comic play about a project that the Program has currently launched, “Woman Embracing Peace”. The play was simulating reality and relating it with the underpinning principles behind the project, such as sustainable peace,flows (inside-out) how to make peace the foundation that frames our relationships, and family upbringing according to peace values. The play embodied the fact that women are natural peacemakers.

The cultural evening concluded with “Environmental Citizenship” Program” highlighting upon this years UNEP celebration on World Environment Day and its theme “Think . Eat . Save”. The program presented an interactive activity “Our Home is the priority for Benefaction” and succeeded in sharing tips, ideas, solutions, etc. with the members on best practices relating to and aiming towards preserving our Planets resources and preventing unnecessarily waste. This was followed by a concluding note from the President, Dr. Wajeeha Al Baharna on how each and every member in BWA can play an essential role in spreading social and global awareness to promote the role of women in this perspective.

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