Risk Management In Bahrain Women Association

Risk Management In Bahrain Women Association

Bahrain Women Association for Human Development (BWA) in its continuous attempts to promote sound management practices that contributes to sustainable performance, held “Risk Management” workshop on April 24, 2012, conducted by Mona Alalawi a BWA Board Member.

The workshop addressed the concept and methodology of risk management within the context of the ISO 31000 standard issued by the International Organization for Standardization in November 2009. Mrs. Alalawi explained the essential activities in the risk management process which are: establishing the context, communication and consultation, risk identification, risk assessment, risk treatment, monitor and review risk.

The presentation focused on the core concepts of the standard with real examples related to BWA   activities to enhance the understanding in identifying risks, analyzing and evaluating them in terms of probability of occurring and their impact, and to draw solutions according to their importance and priority.

The workshop is considered as a mean to establish a systematic scientific thinking that contributes in operating BWA on solid administrative basis. BWA Board members will conduct a special meeting to seek means to implement the risk management concepts.


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