Specialized Training Workshop for Bahrain Indian School Teachers

Specialized Training Workshop for Bahrain Indian School Teachers

Be-Free Program of Bahrain Women Association- for Human Development, conducted a training workshop for the teachers of Bahrain Indian school, about implementing “Instilling Universal Knowledge” Project at school.

During the training workshop, the teachers learned about the project and its’ different parts, and got trained with live examples from their curriculums on how to link the academic subjects with Universal Humanistic Values, Emotional Balance, Humanistic Sense,  and leadership and Interaction with the Universe. These are the four pillars of the project.

Then the teachers got engaged in how to prepare and conduct a workshop from the training guide of “Instilling Universal Knowledge” project in a fun and interactive way. One of the workshops was chosen as a model to practice on delivering it, and the teachers used creative ways to conduct it, which created a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Some of their feedback:

  • “Thought provoking, Interactive, motivational, and informative”
  • “The most interesting part was how to teach values to children, build confidence in them, and link the topics with the 4 pillars”
  • “It gave us confidence to conduct a workshop”

This training workshop is conducted for schools that would like to implement the project “Instilling Universal Knowledge”, and support is available for any school or teachers who wish to implement the project. More details are available on: