statement on International Day of Families

Family, harmonious system with nature

‘Family, healthy living, and sustainable future’ is the United Nation’s theme for 2016 International day of families which is held on 15th of May every year. This Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993 with resolution A/RES/47/237 and reflects the importance of family in the international community. Despite efforts by United Nations and other international organizations to protect family as social institution, families are endangered in an unprecedented way today, starting from the way it’s defined to its psychological and social applications, including the values ​​and principle it regulates. This can be clearly manifested by tampering with the natural marriage system which was established by humanity since the beginning of creation, as last year in Ireland voters voted in favor of same-sex marriage in a historic referendum on same-sex marriage legalization, also in United States of America the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in all the states, and in June 2010 Argentina became the first country in Latin America to allow same-sex marriages to enjoy same rights as heterosexual couples, and New Zealand parliament members voted for same-sex marriage after more than a quarter of a century on the decriminalization of homosexuality. Based on 2013 statistics, 7,000 same-sex marriages were held in France after being officially approved by the state, and the numbers are rising in other countries in Europe and other parts of the world, especially in countries that were pioneers to pass this kind of marriage such as the Netherlands and Mexico. (Statistics source: Al-Nahar newspaper, AN-NAHAR ENGLISH, BBC website). As an institution, Family is a harmonious system with nature, as all creatures in nature are developing according to a precise universal system to protect it, the solar system and the orbiting of planets around the sun and the succession of night and day proves the uniformity of nature, and it is difficult to imagine what kind of disasters could happen to mankind in case planets decide to deviate from their track around the sun or the sun decided to leave the solar system. The family as a system should not deviate from nature and the natural order of marriage between male and female. Every element of a particle consists of atoms, each atom consists of particles with negative or positive charge, and any imbalance in the proportions will result in instability, in which the atom tries to return to its stable condition resulting in a huge and enormous energy: atomic energy. The universe starting from the atom to the galaxy is based on pair/couple system in the attraction between opposites and repulsion between likes. According to the laws of creation, Nature can distinguish between what is moral and what is immoral, it blesses the natural marriage between male and female which is based on true love and it rejects abnormal marriage diverting from nature and instinct. World Health Organization reports that the probability of acquiring HIV infection among men who have sex with men is about 20 times more than heterosexual relations. An american study also found that homosexuals demand the most psychological counselling and therapy, with the percentage of women being higher than men. We believe that those studies and statistics are nature’s reaction to the defiance of its laws and regulations.  Family is a sacred entity, and tampering with its bond is tampering with its values, community and the universe. (Source of statistics: BBC website). ‘Families, healthy lives and sustainable future’ is the UN theme for 2016, while we encourage those international efforts and the importance the international community assigns to the family, we find ourselves at crossroads today, calling on all international organizations led by the United Nations to put an end to all what destroys this sacred family institution and violates the order of nature. No healthy life nor a sustainable future is possible for a family who diverts from its natural path, making severe damages, as if a planet diverts outside its path in our solar system.