“Strategic planning of Media Campaigns” A Work shop for BWA board members

“Strategic planning of Media Campaigns” A Work shop for BWA board members

Upon receiving a workshop presented by the Coalition of Women for the Exchange of Virtual “Wave” and in continuation to its active role in emphasizing the role of the programs to spread the Association’s concepts through various means of social networking, The Media Department held a workshop relating to Planning & Management of Media campaign on social networks on the evening of July 1, 2014. The workshop was held for the Heads and Deputy Heads of the Programs and members of the Board of Directors. It aimed to briefing the manner in which Media Department operates in planning media campaigns and search criteria for information which to be published, and which would contribute to the constructive cooperation between the Media Department and the Programs’ divisions.

The purpose of these awareness workshops, according to Mrs. Meena Kadhimi, Head of Media, is to highlight on the rapid growing of the technological and heavy use of the social media networking throughout the world which has become essential for BWA to be part of this accelerating race should it wish to spread its concepts in the same manner. As an example for fast growing social network users, according to Mrs. Kadhimi, the proportion of users of Facebook under age 30 in the Arab world was 68% in May 2013.

Through the presentation of models for media campaigns carried out earlier by the Media Department on several occasions, such as World Earth Day and Global Family Day and the model presented by WAVE “Equal Career Opportunities” , Mrs. Kadhimi highlighted the most important components of a campaign, such as the Goal, the Infograph and the message to be delivered to individuals motivating them to play a positive role on the issue at hand.

In order to ensure the proper understanding of the purpose, the objectives and the mechanism for a media campaign, participants were distributed to groups according to the Association’s programs and every group worked to plan a strategy for a media campaign for a subject matter which is associated with its work.

In conclusion, participants expressed the importance of such type of workshops, which contribute to raise their awareness about the importance of information and their willingness to provide all the support and assistance to the Media Department to work together for the development of successful media campaigns that contributes to raising the level of awareness amongst targeted groups worldwide.

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