Telecommunication Regulatory Authority and Be-Free Program Launch “Say No … to Cyberbullying”

Telecommunication Regulatory Authority and Be-Free Program Launch “Say No … to Cyberbullying”

In the framework of joint cooperation between governmental bodies and NGOs in serving the community, a booklet titled “Say No… to Cyberbullying” has been developed and published. It aims at increasing children and adolescents’ awareness about the effects of cyberbullying, and the problems it creates from difficult aspects, and how they can take a leadership role in combating cyberbullying.

The booklet is a joint project between Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, that took it upon itself to protect the consumers and specially children and adolescents from the dangers of the internet and the new technologies through its program “Safe Internet”, and Be-Free program of Bahrain Women Association- for Human Development, which is concerned with the protection of children and adolescents, and building their characters, and which participated with its long and rich experience in this area.

The booklet covers important titles, such as the differences between bullying and cyberbullying, types and ways of cyberbullying, the damages it could cause, the protection skills to avoid being a victim of cyberbullying, and how the children or adolescents can help themselves to avoid being a source of cyberbullying, etc.

The booklet focuses on instilling leadership concept in children and adolescents, and urging them to have a role bigger than just not to be a bully, and protecting themselves from it, and motivating them to take leadership role in stopping cyberbullying between their friends and peers.

The booklet contains a group of questions that encourages children and adolescents to answer it, and go deeper in its concepts. Moreover, it contains some important inspiring quotes that can be cutout and used as a book mark.

The booklet is currently available in Arabic. Click to download the booklet.