The appointment of woman Secretary-General of the United Nations

Although charters and treaties of the United Nations (UN) include the importance of gender mainstreaming in international bodies and conventions, and it calls to limit discrimination and to secure gender equality, yet the highest UN position “SecretaryGeneral”,since its founding 70 years ago was occupied by males only, which draws attention to the existence of clear contradiction between UN perspectives and actual practice.

In addition, the bargaining between the major powers – based on the political interests – that underpin the selection criteria for the position of UN Secretary General plays an important role in the process, resulting in the loss of integrity and objectivity of the selection, which is the most important factor for candidates appointed to an international post.

By the end of this year, the mandate of current Secretary General of United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, will end, many women organizations and bodies from various directions believe its time to push forward towards woman to hold the top position. Antonia Kirkland, legal advisor at”Equality Now”stated “The selection process for the next UN Secretary-General is a great opportunity to bring us a step closer to gender equality globally”.

We believe that nomination of women for the post of UN Secretary General will not only be a step towards gender equality, but it is the best needed right now, in a world facing conflicts, lack of security and peace. As most of the women are peacemakers and peace builders by nature, because they possess an innate “Motherhood” emotion that flourishes with values of love, giving, peace and tolerance, and also because women are most affected by consequences of wars and conflicts, it makes them more inclined to executing and spreading peace.

On the other hand, we emphasize that the demand to appoint any individual man or woman in the UN highest position should not be in isolation from ethical, competency and merit standards. Achieving values of equality should be in parallel movement towards greater comprehensive reform for all.Women’s presence in this international forum may not make a genuine change towards desired peace  and security, unless she exerts her “Motherhood” energy and humanitarian values ​​of sacrifice, love, peace and responsibility, as they are the fundamental pillars for inspirational ethical leadership. Thus woman work with love and passion to serve the world and humanity with its diversified religions, ideologies and ethnicities, and realizes her responsibility in achieving real peace away from media sphere fabricated by false. Also, she should not take sides, but to the values ​​of justice and human dignity, regardless to her personality predispositions and personal desires. This is  the supreme motherhood/maternity values ​​according to their broad meaning which expands to reform the world and are not limited to the little house framework and good children upbringing.

Time has come for women to be in this vital and important position, for the power they can comprise in peace keeping, peace building and advancement of Nations, and we as civil society organizations urgeinter national organization stoapply the following criteria for both sexes when drawing up lists of candidates:efficiency, determination, and responsibility, in order to move forward to achieve justice and human dignity.

As women or women’s organizations, what we aspire to, is the appointment of a woman who has the determination to achieve reform and justice and eliminate injustice, competent enough to occupy this international post, and do not hesitate saying “NO” with courage whenever‘United Nations’ word and decisions are not in harmony with ethical standards and supreme human values.

Bahrain Women Association – For Human Development

June 10, 2015


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