The association’s participation in the training course on the dialogue and peace culture by UNESCO

The association’s participation in the training course on the dialogue and peace culture by UNESCO

Invited by the regional office of UNESCO in Beirut, Dr.Wajeeha Al Baharna the association’s president and Mrs.Meena Kadhimi the media’s head had both participated in the regional training course of training the trainers on the various skills of the dialogue and peace culture organized by the center of Sultan Qaboos for cultures and sciences in cooperation with the center of King Abdul Aziz for the national dialogue and the UNESCO’s regional office in Beirut, coordinating with the national Omani’s committee for development, culture and science in Muscat, the capital of Oman, in the period of February 16th-20th of 2013. As the course aimed to build a regional network between the trainers who were capable to train others on the issues related to dialogue and peace, committed in the dialogue among different cultures and enhanced with skills enhancing the efficiency of the  dialogue and forgiveness and multi culture.

The course participants were elite trainers which had to be trained on the dialogue and peace cultural skills, which covered the important dialogue values; it also included different trainings and practical applications on the dialogue and peace skills, aimed to make the trainers master those skills, make them professionals in using the positive communications techniques in the social and cultural environments.

The course had targeted 36 trainees, 15 were Omanis, while the rest were different Arabs nationalities, Saudi’s, Lebanese, Egyptians, Jordanians, Iraqis, Palestine’s, Bahraini’s, Yemenis, Sudanese and Tunisians. All to get them prepared to be credible trainees representing the UNESCO on both Dialogue and Peace skills aspects.  

The course had ended by presentations conducted by the participants using the skills learned and various experiences they had as trainers, they also agreed to conduct this course back in their countries within the coming three months.

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