The destructive consumption Matrix-system, GCC contribution in the Earth Summit in Brazil

The destructive consumption Matrix-system, GCC contribution in the Earth Summit in Brazil

Bahrain Women Association for Human development with an invitation from the UN economic and social council as part of the commission on Sustainable development (CSD) the one in charge of the accredited NGOs has participated in Earth summit ‘‘Rio+20’’ on sustainable development with the slogan ‘ The Future we want’ in Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil between the 17th – 22nd of June 2012 presented by Mrs Mahnaz Khademi the vice president of ECP and Mrs Meena Khademi the director of media and public relations department.

The huge participation of NGOs was very distinguishable as they were more than 50 thousand participant from all continents, it was very distinctive from the NGOs their concern of coming out from the summit with a clear and honest declaration of the goals and action plans they have worked on during the past months addressing the major problems facing the earth and what’s on it.

Some of the main directions stated in the final declaration which were unsatisfactory for civil society organizations:

          Beyond GDP; GDP accumulation should not serve as the primary paradigm for development, nor the continuing national goal for already rich countries where wellbeing is no longer enhanced by rising wealth, but could rather be enhanced by rebuilding communities and public services.

          The implementation of HFA system for disasters’ forecasting and mitigation, many countries in Asia like China, Japan and India are already implementing it.

          Changing the name from MDG (millennium development goals) to SDG (Sustainable development goals)

BWA and in cooperation with Emirates environment group have published a written contribution under the slogan ‘we must – us human beings – change ourselves and our culture/ knowledge, discipline it on a new cultural matrix that doesn’t find its happiness in consumption but in moderation and in other sentimental things.. by taking and giving indeed.’ This was distributed to the concerned participants in the summit and through spoken interjections relevant to the sustainable consumption and production topic.

The summit showed an expansion in youths’ participation and considerable efforts in raising their voice and achieving their demand, the association has attended most of the events and raised some points highlighting youth and women aspiration in GCC in regard to sustainable development programs, those were approbated by the participants due to the absence of GCC participants in the summit despite of the official delegations which did not take part in the civil society events.

BWA cared about sharing their participation on the summit events online by  posting them on their Facebook page along with pictures, which is a new step taken by the association for the first time. 

Kindly find our participation on the below links.



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