The Summarizing Skill Workshop

The Summarizing Skill Workshop

Due to the vast amount of information exchanged through different media networking which requires adequate time for reading and adequate skills to spread the information thereto in a concise and effective manner, for the reasons said, the Media Division of the Bahrain Women Association conducted a workshop entitled “The Summarizing Skill” for its members on November 25th, 2014.

“The Summarizing Skill” assists the reader to extract the main ideas of an article/paper and develops absorptive and attentive capacities as well, said the trainee, Mrs. Reem Al Sairafi. Therefore it is, she continued, important to learn the stages and steps involved in this skill in order to produce a valid and constructive summary of the context in hand.

Mrs. Sairafi concluded the workshop with participants being given paragraphs/articles to produce a well-structured summary consisting of the most important key ideas.

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