Training workshop on Women’s political participation

Training workshop on Women’s political participation

In partnership with the Women’s Learning Partnership for Rights, Peace and Development (WLP), Bahrain Women  Association (BWA) organized a training workshop on “Women’s political participation”. The workshop aims to provide the participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to analyze and recognize the importance of the political participation of women, and the role of that political participation in making a positive change. The workshop adopted ways of learning that are based on participation and experience, previews, diagnosis and analysis of certain case studies in addition to specific experiences. This was announced by the president of the (Empowering Women) program, Eng., Asma Rajab.

She added: ” This workshop does not support only candidates or women voters, but is designed to support and empower women who want to effect a positive change in their communities. The workshop included a number of important concepts in political participation such as the political moral, figuring the political view, women and quotas, networking and building alliances, negotiation and Non-negotiable. ”

Director of the Center for Research and Training on Development CRTD-A and the advisor of WLP organization, Mrs. Lina Abou Habib, Presented the workshop throughout the 3-days. Members of BWA as well as members of womens associations participated in the training course.

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