Training workshops for   Ethical leadership, from “ability to influence” to “influence with honor.”

Training workshops for Ethical leadership, from “ability to influence” to “influence with honor.”

As part of BWA activities related to Ethical Leadership, BWA organized a training workshop on the concept of Ethical Leadership, entitled “Ethical Leadership, From the Ability to Influence to Influence with Honor“. The workshop was held on July 13th, 2017, for the staff in management and leadership positions in Bahrain-based Gulf Aluminum Rolling Mill (GARMCO). The workshop aimed to introduce the notion of ethical leadership, identify the role of ethical leader highlighting its impact in creating an ethical environment, reviewing real life cases and experiences related to ethical leadership, and discussing how to practice ethical leadership in real life.

Training workshop participants’ praised the content and material presented, they stressed the importance of the concept of ethical leadership and the need for it in the midst of the challenges facing our world today. They also emphasized the significance of ethics in decision-making, especially the leadership roles in different positions, or even individuals who want to achieve positive influence in their environments.

It worth mentioning the Ethical Leadership project was launched in June 2016, after completion of training more than 500 local and regional trainees on leadership concepts. The project aims at developing leadership capacities, enhancing the components of participatory leadership that is based on the idea of the ability to “influence” to a leadership governed by ethics and bounded by values, and built based on robust and effective principles that adopt the principle of “influence with honor”. The notion of ethical leadership adds a new dimension to the world of leadership; it is considered as the outcome of the participatory leadership program that BWA worked on for more than ten years.