Universal Environmental Citizenship Program continue presenting (My Environment Unit)

Universal Environmental Citizenship Program continue presenting (My Environment Unit)

On the 5th of December 2015, Universal Environmental Citizenship Program of Bahrain Woman Association – for Human Development, organized a workshop to introduce “My Environment Unit”. The purpose of the workshop was to train some of the kindergartens teachers in Kingdom of Bahrain on implementing the Units’ exercises.

The head of the Universal Environmental Citizenship Program Mrs. Fatima Frutan, started the workshop by introducing the association and its various programs. She was followed then by the instructor Mrs. Jehad Jaffer, who presented the units exercises. Since “My Environment Unit” is based on Maria Montessori’s curriculum, the workshop also embraced a brief presentation about Maria Montessori’s life and her curriculum explaining what she has provided to special needs kids throughout her life and it was presented by Ms. Nada AlSaffaf.

Before starting the workshop, a short environmental clip was presented to the participants which has raised a couple of questions among them about the painful and difficult situation that the living creatures are currently facing.  The participants showed a great interaction with the various exercises and activities that they were given. They have strived to contribute and share creative ideas using their skills and knowledge. During the workshop, the participants were able to reflect the human attitudes towards the environment whether positively or negatively.

Nevertheless, throughout the workshop, participants shared their own environmental information, behavior and experiences. They also discussed the significance of the environmental education for kids since it will help in motivating and training the kids to ask, search and create a relationship with the environment from early ages. All of these discussions have added to the participants’ knowledge and have provided them with an aware mind that would help them in interacting with the nature.

The workshop was concluded with emphasizing on the importance of being a part of the environment and universe by understanding that everyone is responsible towards the universal environmental issues that would affect the current and future generations. Not only that but also trying to limit any human action that may harm the earth including pollutants, rationalize consumption, waste reduction, harmonize with the universe and clean energy.

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