Universal environmental Citizenship Program participates in Eye on Earth Summit at Abu Dhabi

Universal environmental Citizenship Program participates in Eye on Earth Summit at Abu Dhabi

Four members of the Universal Environmental Citizenship Program at Bahrain Women Association for – Human Development, Mrs. Mahnaz Kadhemi, Engineer Bedoor Rajab and the two youth members Tahera Shawqi and Nada AlSaffaf, have participated in the Eye on Earth Summit held under the motto “Convene, Converge, Collaborate “in the capital of UAE (Abu Dhabi) during the period 6-8 October 2015.

The summit aimed to overcome sustainable development data challenges at a critical time for decision makers, where leaders of the Summit Alliance partner organizations highlighted the critical role the movement is playing in promoting dialogue and driving international action to help overcome the challenges associated with data to support informed decision-making for sustainable development.

Under the theme “Informed Decision-Making for Sustainable Development”, all the delegates aimed to identify how governments, technology, the scientific community and citizen participation can enhance access to quality data and information. Throughout the three days of  Eye on Earth Summit, all delegates intended to reach consensus on several outcomes, including the formation of new partnerships, guidelines for the implementation of data governance frameworks and the promotion of new environmental data policies in countries where this is most needed.

During the Summit, BWA members strived to get networking information to strengthen relationships for future integration and cooperation with various environmental organizations. The members have also laid in valuable input regarding the poor engagement of youth in environmental occasions.

The Eye on Earth Alliance expects the 2015 Summit to drive further international action to revolutionize the way we collect, access, share and use data and information for sustainable development.

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