“Values of Peace in Era of Changes” A seminar in Jabri Majlis

“Values of Peace in Era of Changes” A seminar in Jabri Majlis

Upon an invitation from Jabri Majlis, President of Bahrain Women Association for Human Development Dr. Wajiha Al Baharna presented a seminar entitled “Values of Peace in Era of Changes“, which was held  on Tuesday evening, July 28th, in presence of a various interested individuals and  other concerned parties and institutions.

In the seminar Al Baharna touched upon the current situation in which the world is witnessing outbreaks of wars and conflicts, spread of corruption and absence of peace, also she touched upon analysis of the causes of this conflict, such as domination of misconceptions and lack of adherence to the common human values, which was called by all religions, stressing that getting back to those values is the best way for reform, as they are the essence of all religions, and are standards for the right (No religion for one who don’t have values), and those values are the common word that combines followers of all religions, and even those with no religion.

The seminar included a discussion and review of the values of peace such as tolerance, coexistence and Jostle and other values, Al Baharna called to the need to understand and define those values in accordance with the correct meaning, she said: “Tolerance is not amnesty but it is allowing others to express their point of view and respect their opinions even if they are different of what we believe, and disagreement is not confrontation but it is a motive for convergence and harmony among people, and the incentive to compete and preemption in the fields of goodness, and Jostle is not conflict with others, but is making way for another, and competition means coexistence and acceptance of others”.

Al Baharna concluded the seminar stating the importance of practicing dialogue as opposed to the culture of confrontation and conflict where she indicated that “dialogue is an effective mechanism as an entry point to address matters and issues in the process of searching for the right opinion, and to reach a collective rationality “, stressing that such a dialogue cannot achieve the desired results unless we first start dialoguing with ourselves, and practice it in our daily lives: “We need to practice dialogue with ourselves before dialogue with others, because God does not change the condition of people until they change what is in themselves”, and she indicated that distributing culture of peace and change are the responsibility of everyone, everyone has to start from his/her place and position, and she commended the community on some initiatives held to spread the values ​​of peace.

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