Victory for love, or threat to humanity?

Victory for love, or threat to humanity?

Family is the greatest social institution and the holiest bond organizing the human life on earth. Marriage between male and female is the only natural innate order that can protect the continuation of family as a social institution and holy bond. There will be no survival of human beings except through this natural relationship that God created with its stability, strength and fortitude facing all kinds of threats that may affect its existence, security and foundations of love, compassion and peace.

On Friday, June 26th of this year, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a historic ruling granting the right for same sex marriage in all US states, a provision which described by US President Barack Obama as “a victory for America, and a victory for love”, considering same sex marriage to be a natural expression of love, and that homosexuality is a normal and healthy human relationship, and that same sex couples are able to raise a family in its social sense,  and should not be prevented or condemned by religion or law.

Referring to the human rights document as one of the most important references for human rights in the international forum, stipulates in Article 16th (that the family is a relationship between a male and a female), it is not between two males or between two females, and obligates the state and the community to protect it from everything that threatens its existence, while the legalization of same sex marriage is a direct threat to this structure (family). The Article 29th of the same document stipulates that the freedoms are not absolute, but constrained by the law, which in turn should achieve justice and public interest and ethics in society. There is no absolute freedom, freedom is a jewel as long as it achieves justice and maintains the high human values that are the moral and legal basis for human rights document.

There is no instinctive basis or human requirement or social need for same sex marriage; it is a blind obedience to sexual passion and oblique, which was given mistakenly, consciously or unconsciously, a nature of human rights, which is unanimously forbidden in all religions because it offends the holiest institution. God Almighty created male and female mating between them only (And among his signs is this, that He created for you wives from among yourselves that you may find repose in them, and He has put between you affection and mercy) (Al-Rum: 21). He warned of the deviation and homosexuality believing it a deviation from the innate. describing the sodomites that they were doing all evils and that they are immoral people (and “remember” Lot We gave him right judgment of the affairs and prophet hood and religious knowledge and saved him from the town (folk) who practiced evils, verily they were a people given to evil and they were rebellious disobedient to Allah) (the Prophets: 74). In Christianity, the majority of churches are opposed to same sex marriage because it is against the divine plan and purpose of marriage and creation and contrary to human nature, Jesus says (from the beginning of creation, male and female God created them, for this man leaves his father and mother and joins to his wife) (Gospel of Mark 7.6: 10).  As the Pope Benedict 16TH described it that “gay marriage is a threat to the future of humanity”. It was stated in the Old Testament the story of Sodom and Gomorrah cities destruction because of the sins of their people, including their homosexual behavior (as is evident in the Book of Genesis, chapter 19).

Marriage between male and female is the natural system that maintains the continuation of human life and tinkering with it means tampering with the society and laws of nature that govern life and the universe. It does not need to be put in writing in the world’s constitutions because it could be seen clearly in the sustenance of animal and plant kingdoms. Therefore, according to this law, same sex relationships are not considered as a marriage.

So we emphasize that same sex marriage legislation is a worldwide constitutional loss, which is a serious bypass to natural laws of human life on this planet. It also uses the term “love,” the reason God created this universe; as a false slogan to control emotions on the account of logic and instinct.

Therefore, we call on everyone declaring their refusal to such wrong practices that threaten humanity, to form an international body of experts and respective personnel for studying same sex situations in the world, not to refuse them as individuals, but to reject all wrong sexual practices that are harmful to individuals and community safety, and formulate a plan to ensure this anomaly is addressed.

Bahrain Women Association for Human Development


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