WHO  buys my love? A workshop at BWA

WHO  buys my love? A workshop at BWA

Why sell? What we sell? How do we sell? Whom we sell for? Various  questions answered by Mr. Jaffer Hamza, during his workshop which was held in the Association to the members of the media department on Wednesday, May 15, 2013.

At the beginning of the workshop, Mr. Jaffar answered the questions that have been asked, such as, How can we promote a product if it was an idea, project or an opinion… The importance to understand the individual behavior during promotion by focusing on quality, creativity, innovation and service excellence… He also discussed the elements of corporate identity for any product represented by language and culture, effective communication and understanding the language of the street.

He ensured on the importance of promoting the value of the product along with the product itself, which was the answer of the question: What is the added value of your product that makes you better special others? A product that helps in achieving social responsibility to be closer to people thoughts and anticipation to always be steps ahead of them. 

Mr. Jaffar concluded by saying: whoever leaves a mark within you whether a behavior, a way of thinking, a lifestyle or any other thing, is the one who bought your love even if you do not know it.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Jaffar Hamza, is a specialist in the Culture  of Pictures and Economy Knowledge, and the founder of the cloth printing brand “Athr” .

To view the workshop on YouTube visit the following link:



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