“Your Choices … A Power to Shape the Future” Bahrain Women Association Workshop for University Students

“Your Choices … A Power to Shape the Future” Bahrain Women Association Workshop for University Students

Strongly believing in the power of Youth’s Choices in shaping the future, the Environmental Citizenship Program (ECP) of Bahrain Women Association – for Human Development (BWA) conducted an interactive workshop titled “Your Choices … A Power to Shape the Future”. The workshop was held on the occasion of the Arab Environment Day and targeting university students

The workshop included different interactive activities intended to spread environmental awareness among the youth in regards to rational consumption or “smart consumption”. Participants were encouraged to exchange views and suggestions and to come up with practical solutions. The workshop gathered 27 students from six universities of various specialties to promote the sense of community partnership in environmental protection and in reducing the negative culture that affects the environment, world, and the universe as a whole.

The workshop addressed topics related to rational consumption, and introduced the definition of a conscious consumer who makes rational decisions with sense of responsibility towards the planet earth and all creatures living on it. One of the main messages of the workshop was the concept consumers being “Influential and Influenced” by what is happening around them, and that is reflected by their way of thinking, behaviors and actions, as “Environmental Citizenship” means caring for the wellbeing of Planet Earth and not to a limited geographical area.

It is without doubt that youth acts as mainstay of the nation in all sectors of life and they are the hope of a promising future. They possess evolving energies which should play remarkable roles for the good of communities. This is why the workshop targeted the youth to enhance the POWER of “CHOICE” in them, as it is the God gifted power for every person, and how it ought to be employed in achieving one’s role in the reconstruction of the earth through the tools of conscious and sound choices. The participants reached to a conclusion that the concept of the “Rational Consumption” remains theoretical and static unless it is strongly reflected by the Power of Choice and the mindset which translates it into day-to-day life practices.

It is worth mentioning that BWA enjoys a consultative status at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC), and continue to promote the UN sustainable development goals SDG, and the workshop “Your Choices … A Power to Shape the Future “is in line with SDG Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.